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Hourglass Productions provides and history lesson on the voyage of Adriano to Etna. 



Meeting with S.E.R. Archbishop Salvatore Gristina to present the artichokes in NaturaDivina oil produced from conserved Panebianco. 


At the center of Sicily: the land, origins, work and development. The commitment of NaturaDivina is to preserve the agricultural heritage, the traditions, the history of rural civilization. The main purpose is to start an activity based on the cultivation and sale of local agricultural products, without neglecting the protection of the environment.

BiosArte is committed in the front line to remember the journey made by Emperor Hadrian on Etna. “Etna Hadriani” – explains Riccardo Tomasello – is a real reconstruction of the historical journey that ends with the arrival in our vineyard at Monte Arso in Nicolosi, which symbolizes the final moment, with the tasting of the wine. BiosArte is engaged in the front line so that this path is remembered.

Bios President Riccardo Tomasello enjoys a moment with former Prime Minister and current Parliament member Silvio Berlusconi.

Bios President Riccardo Tomasello poses with presents Mons. Salvatore Gristina with a bottle of Hadrianus Organic win.

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