Initio Group has nearly a century of combined experience providing assistance to airports ranging in size from small regional and private installations to major international facilities. With paramount importance placed on safety and efficiency, Initio utilizes a vast array of in-house expertise and partnerships with a wide array of industry leading consultants to provide a number of services that enable our clients to make their visions into reality, including: Research & analysis Planning, Development & Construction Airport services & Consulting


Research & Analysis

Initio provides detailed research and analysis on behalf of our clients, based upon Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) guidelines allowing our clients to move seamlessly from the prefeasibility phase, to feasibility and into master planning. Initio relies upon in-house staff and industry-leading consultants to ensure that our clients gain the benefit of the most cutting edge advancements the industry has to offer. Sample services include:

  • Wind analysis
  • Runway analysis
  • Demand-capacity analysis
  • Environmental and social impact analysis
  • Additional research based on our clients’ goals and requirements

Planning, Development & Construction

As a “One-stop Shop,” our mission is to provide full service assistance through all phases of Aviation Construction. Initio possesses the capabilities to bring every project from concept to facility. From the Airport Feasibility analysis, we can develop a detailed Master Plan that clearly outlines all activities, inventories, capacities, and facilities requirements to facilitate an efficient and timely construction process for third party construction companies. Additionally, we are equipped with the expertise to complete the construction process in-house, serve as a liaison between our clients and local national governmental agencies and initiate a campaign to elicit minimal environmental and social impact. All of this can be achieved while maintaining efficient use of resources and ensuring the highest level of safety standards.


Airport Services & Consulting

Whether bringing a new facility to market or improving the operations of an existing facility, Initio can assist in all facets of your business. Our knowledgeable and amenable staff is here to ensure that operations run smoothly, because Your Business is our Business. Examples of services provided to our clients include:

  • Procurement
  • Airport Staffing
  • On-site Management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Governmental Lobbying Efforts
  • Project Management and New Initiatives
  • ERP Consulting and Software Procurement
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