Executive Team


Maria is Chief Executive Officer at Initio Group. Recognized as an intuitive negotiator with an extraordinary aptitude for developing mutually beneficial solutions, Maria has masterfully initiated successful campaigns on behalf of Initio and our industry partners in new and emerging markets. With an exceptional focus on social responsibility of our firm and our partners, Highly regarded for her ability to navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance, innovative financing programs, and construction management, Maria is often called upon to salvage the most complex projects. With a proven record of success, a unique perspective of analysis, and a knack for locating profitable opportunities, Maria has helped to establish Initio as a leading consulting firm.


Rahsaan is President of Initio Group. Rahsaan brings to Initio an extensive background in accounting, finance, regulatory compliance, and legal research. He draws from a wide array of experience, including Fortune 500 accounting, corporate auditing for the State of California, technical and legal research for a state licensing education organization, and project management in various industries. Rahsaan's greatest attributes lie in his ability to provide detailed ROI analysis and maintaining efficient management of large projects with multiple inputs. He has a penchant for identifying profitable solutions for clients and maintaining strict adherence to budgetary constraints. He attended U.C. Berkeley, and is equipped with an accounting degree.​


Dan Policy is a seasoned leader with more that 15 years in various C-suite roles leading strategic direction translating into measurable achievements in profitability and revenue. A proven executive management consultant, Mr. Policy has developed a lean corporate and operational structure at each stop during an impressive career. In the finance arena, Dan initiated a 12.5M debt facility for a vertically integrated cannabis company. He has also served as a strategic planning and financing Subject Matter Expert for a multitude of early stage and mature organizations. Dan holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting from the University of Notre Dame and a Juris Doctorate from Hastings College of Law. He is also a member in good standing of the California Bar Association


Kathleen Policy is highly regarded as a Collaborative forward-thinking executive who leads by example to connect people and ideas in a mission driven environment. She has a demonstrated ability to quickly comprehendthe essential details of companies to identify business opportunities with an eye for budgets and other realistic constraints.Prior to joining Initio she served as Vice President of Business Development for ESC Games where she spearheaded market penetration in the key sports, movie theater and FEC industries. Prior to that she co-founded Nest ESV, a state of the art innovation center that utilizes the incubator business model. Prior to her work in the private sector, Ms. Policy held several legal associate positions including Deputy City Attorney and Assistant District Attorney for the City of San Francisco. She as a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Finance and International Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame and a Juris Doctorate from Stanford University. Kathleen is a member of the California Bar Association, an FBI InstaCard Member and a Tech Women Professional Mentor.


Sergio brings to Initio Group Advisors an abundance of experience in a multitude of multinational firms. Prior to joining Initio, Mr. di Crosta spent nearly 25 years in various roles within the emerging markets divisions of internationally recognized firms, including Walt Disney Co., Warner Bros. Licensing, and Electrolux Ab Sweden. An expert in international licensing, import/export and supply chain management, Sergio has a proven track record of successfully implementing emerging markets commercial strategy and sales strategic planning. Mr. di Crosta is equally adept at sales forecasting and market analysis, having performed these duties by internally and on a consulting basis for nearly two decades. Sergio received his university degree in International Economy - Maritime Activities from the Instituto Universita Navale - Napoli and served as an Italian Navy officer, specializing in intelligence communication.


Andres is the Vice President of Public Relations at Initio. He brings to Initio an impressive background in broadcasting and executive production for internationally acclaimed networks, including Univision and Spanish Broadcasting Systems. Andres orchestrates Initio's public relations initiatives with a keen eye on social responsibility and environmental awareness. Equally knowledgeable in the national and international markets, Andres leads programs utilizing a multitude of media outlets, including print, television and radio broadcasting. In addition, Andres relies upon business relationships with governmental figures and media outlets to ensure the success of our public relations campaigns. Andres holds an undergraduate Business degree from IPAE and a Masters of Business Administration from ESAN, both in Lima, Peru.


At Initio Group Advisors, Dr. Shea serves as the Vice President of International Trade and Development where he initiates trade Business to Business and Business to Consumer opportunities in new markets, ranging from textiles, to jet fuel, to consumer goods. In conjunction with his position with Initio, he also serves as the Director of the Center for International Trade & Development, a program sponsored by the US government that spearheads small and medium sized U.S. companies into foreign markets and provides export and import counseling. Prior to joining Initio, Dr. Shea served as the Center Export Administrator for NASA, where he was responsible for administrating, planning, developing, and implementing export compliance program for the International Space Station, satellite technologies, telecommunications, technology transfer, international cooperation agreements and licensing of advanced technologies. Prior to serving at NASA, Dr. Shea was the Director of the Oakland Export Assistance Center of the U.S. Department of Commerce, where he managed the international trade and export functions for the North California region. Dr. Shea has a BS in Industrial Engineering from San Jose State University, an M.B.A. from Business School Lausanne, Switzerland and D.B.A. from Nyon, Switzerland. In addition to serving as the Center Export Administrator, Dr. Shea is also an educator. He periodically teaches at California State University, Hayward and Vista Community College, Berkeley in the area of Multinational Business, International Marketing and Business Law.


Dr. Novak is a supremely accomplished engineering Subject Matter Expert with more than 35 years of experience in transportation engineering, architecture, and airport design and planning, Dr. Novak has provided assistance to several of the largest and most complex transportation projects in the world. A former Senior Airport Planner/Environmental Planning Specialist with the Federal Aviation Administration, Dr. Novak was the Senior Planner responsible for the San Francisco International, Oakland International, San Jose International, and Las Vegas McCarran International/Ivanpah and the Reno/Tahoe Airports. He is a specialist in the application of systematic planning methods, airport and terminal planning and design, airport environmental planning, airport land-use planning, airport vehicle parking, forecasting tools for passenger and cargo demand, airport curb/pedestrian policies, and air cargo facilities planning and design. He has also served as the FAA liaison to New Generation Air Transport Systems (NGATS) selection panel for NASA research project on airport terminal improvements. Dr. Novak received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture and City Planning from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and his Master’s Degree and Doctorate in Architecture and Transport Engineering from University of California, Berkeley.​

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